• Adrian Lester

    Everything to Everybody
  • Woodway engineering - Night Owl

  • Bars, Restaurants and the Underground - Tiles from 1872 made today.

    Web promotional: RT 2min Craven Dunnill & Co. Ltd was founded by Henry Powell Dunnill in 1872 in Jackfield, Shropshire. The purpose-built tile factory was at the forefront of technology, designed by Charles Lynam, an architect from Staffordshire who specialised in the design of industrial buildings. Directed and produced by Sean Griffiths
  • John Baskerville

    Promo for John Baskerville film. The full film will be released 12th February 2020.
  • Birmingham Suffragettes - "Deeds not Words"

    The documentary drama. RT:21min A story of the real Birmingham Suffragettes, screenplay by Helen Cross based on a book written by Dr Nicola Gauld and the film is directed by Sean Griffiths.
  • Don McCullin is one of the world’s greatest living photographers

    Documentary Film "Seeking the light" RT:27min Don McCullin is one of the world’s greatest living photographers. The film highlights other facets of Don McCullin’s character and way of working. He has an unquenchable thirst for ‘getting the picture’, and energy that belies his 77 years, and a passion for photography that still shines brightly. This film explores Don McCullin's journey into shooting with digital cameras. Sean Griffiths worked closely with CPN, in order to capture Don's 'Journey into Digital.' Take a look! Visit our website at: www.ice-productions.com

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